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Chari Schwartz

Chari Schwartz

Company: Birth and Beyond GTA

Job Title: Birth Doula

Phone Number: 4165780809

Age: 56


Dedicated to serving the lives of children and their families, Chari’s approach to health and wellbeing is founded on her belief that each family’s story and circumstance is unique and that it requires personalized approach to welcome and embrace them through their life’s journey. Chari completed her doula training and is a certified birth doula from DONA International. Chari is an Ontario Certified Teacher and has been involved in the field of education for the past 35 years. She has served as Director for 3 private educational institutions and has developed curriculum, programs and coaching models to train teachers and to work with parents. In her spare time, Chari has certification as a thought management coach working with highly driven people to achieve their goals.