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Company: Karen Henderson's Labor of Love Doula and Childbirth Services

Phone Number: 226 979 9060

Age: 62


Supporting families through education, and helping them navigate the many choices surrounding birth. , As a birth doula or postpartum support doula, I offer my clients the same love and respect as I gave my own two daughters when they were giving birth to my nine grandchildren. My experiences as a doula since 2010 include: Home births, hospital births, natural non-medicated as well as medicated births of all kinds, premature rupture of membranes leading to induction, and ruptured membranes avoiding induction, as well as avoiding induction for overdue babies. I am available for breastfeeding support and postpartum support, day time or over night. I have experience with placenta encapsulation, and enjoy birth and infant photography as a hobby. I have worked with multi cultural families new to Canada, victims of rape and physical abuse with PTSD, mentally handicapped moms and dads, single parents working with Family and Children’s Services, as well as Christian parents wanting prayerful support.