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Cidia Prentt

Cidia Prentt

Company: East Toronto Doula

Job Title: Doula

Phone Number: 416 274 9044

Age: 10


As my client you get well informed support to ensure you feel safe in your birth environment and respected with the choices you make. You will receive consistent, thoughtful and nurturing support to help you grow confident in your birthing and parenting skills.

Having witness many births is my native Colombia, gave me the desire to continue the tradition of supporting birthing persons in their journey. Growing up birth was a natural event, part of life, and I always felt amazed by it’s power. After the births of my two daughters, I started my professional career as a Doula and with the lessons, memories and experience I gain with each of my clients birth, the desire to continue my ever learning path in the birth world is reinforced.

Let’s talk about the personalized support I provide! Let’s create the plan that best suits your needs and wishes and let me help you leave behind the uncertainties about birth!