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Melissa Winkler

Melissa Winkler

Company: Padma Yogi

Job Title: Birth Doula

Phone Number: 4165221667

Age: 35


Melissa’s passion for creating a safe, welcoming, and encouraging experience for parents to-be truly shines through her work as a DONA certified doula and yoga teacher with over 350 hours of training. Melissa’s focus is on all things prenatal while she supports those who are pregnant and their families as they prepare to welcome new life into the world. Melissa is committed to bringing compassion, empathy, and kindness to her students from all walks of life as well as the highest standard of care currently available from prenatal yoga teachers. For more information about Melissa Winkler, please visit

What Birth Doula Training Organization did you train with?: DONA

What Postpartum Doula Training organization did you train with?: NA