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Jacq and Gill Birth and Beyond Doulas

Jacq and Gill Birth and Beyond Doulas

Company: Jacq & Gill Birth and Beyond Doulas

Job Title: Doula

Phone Number: 416-450-1772

Age: 37


We are a loving, supportive mother and daughter team, serving GTA and all surrounding areas. We offer all prenatal and postnatal doula services that will help you discover the natural strength within you. We want birth to be magical and we want to do it one birth at a time. Between us we have vastly diverse personal experience with our own births, as well technical training and hands on experience. Our belief that every women should have her best personal experience leaves us dedicated to provide our services at flexible fees. A women should feel empowered by this beautiful adventure and we will consider it to be a honour to be a part of your wonderful journey.

What Birth Doula Training Organization did you train with?: DONA

What Postpartum Doula Training organization did you train with?: DONA