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Carolyn Schumann

Carolyn Schumann

Phone Number: 2897009307

Age: 43


Carolyn is a DONA certified birth doula, a La Leche League Leader, a Canadian Babywearing School trained professional babywearing educator, a lover of nonviolent communication, the creator of The Crunchy Little Colouring Book, and a mother of two. She is an unconditionally supportive and compassionate person. Having spent the better part of a decade in Japan has left her with a facility for looking at challenges from unexpected angles and finding refreshingly innovative ways to overcome them. Creative, sweet, and funny, she passionately feels that the way that a woman is treated during birth impacts how she cares for her baby and herself, which creates a domino effect leading to a more peaceful, happier world. Carolyn offers hypnobirthing techniques, accupressure, visualizations, and in-depth understanding of what really happens in a woman’s body during childbirth. She loves to facilitate a calm, comfortable and empowered birth.

What Birth Doula Training Organization did you train with?: DONA

What Postpartum Doula Training organization did you train with?: na