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Kirstin Kennedy

Company: Into Fruition Doula services

Job Title: Labour and Birth Doula

Phone Number: 289-931-1424

Age: 32


My name is Kirstin Kennedy and I am a Certified Labour & Birth Doula and Mother to 2 wonderful kids. I live in Niagara on the Lake and serve the entire Niagara Region. I did my Doula training in November 2014 with the Healing Arts Learning Organization which is now known as Doula Training Canada. Up until I had my second child, I was a Registered Nurse and worked mostly with Public Health. I have always had a passion for birth and have known I wanted to work with expecting families since I was quite young. Since becoming a Mother, I have developed a passion for other parenting topics as well. Such as; breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering and car seat safety. In addition to my Doula training, I have done training in lactation management, water birth and advanced comfort measures in birth. I was also very fortunate to spend 2 weeks working with the Rankin Inlet, Nu midwives during my consolidation in Nursing School. I am what some might call an "information junky" and love to read all that I can about birth and other parenting topics. I like to know what the newest evidence is and keep current on my knowledge. I also love to explore new ideas and pride myself in being a very open minded person. Making sure my clients are fully informed of their options is extremely important to me. Along with keeping my clients informed, I also provide physical and emotional support during pregnancy, child birth and postpartum. Through touch, massage, acupressure, rebozo techniques and suggestions of positional changes, I can help you reach your birthing goals. I also offer meditation and visualization tools for comfort measures. My role is not at all a medical one. I will not be doing things like checking your blood pressure or cervical dilation. Those tasks fall under the scope of your Midwife, Obstetrician or Nurse. Another part of my job as your Doula is to help you feel empowered so that you can advocate for yourself and work more harmoniously with your care providers. I am here to support you no matter what your birth plan looks like. I want families to know they have options and are respected and supported in your choices.