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Émilie Delvoye

Émilie Delvoye

Company: The sacred place

Phone Number: 4168344971

Age: 8


(FRENCH & ENGLISH) Hi, my name is Emilie. I am a Doula and the mother of two amazing sons. I was fascinated with pregnancy for almost 10 years before my kids births, and my interest for this process and its magic has kept growing over the years. Not only my readings, but also the testimonials from the women surrounding me and my own experience as a mother, confirmed what I felt: pregnancy is an incredible journey preparing both the child and the mother for birth. Childbirth, at the end of this journey, is a unique, powerful and transformative experience. I believe that women and their families should be well informed to make their own decisions. I believe that women have a lot to pass on to others about maternity. And I believe that we should be respectful of the female culture, language and beliefs to support them in giving birth. For all these reasons, I offer to become your Doula to support and encourage you in this challenging journey which is now yours. I was born, and grew up, in France. I have been living in Canada for 13 years, first in Montreal and now in Toronto. I had two natural births, the first at the hospital and the second at home. I will always be grateful to the amazing midwives who supported me in this incredible journey. CONTACT ME AT 416 834-4971