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Patricia Fournier

Patricia Fournier

Company: Orillia Doula Services

Job Title: Birthing Doula

Phone Number: 7053314483

Age: 8


The first birth I attended that was not my own was the birth of my first grandbaby William in 2011. That moment was so special for me, not only was it my first grandchild but it was a moment where I could help empower my daughter and help her through what ended up being a very long and complicated labor. The entire time I did not leave - I stayed and offered my support and help. Thinking back to that experience is what makes me excited and proud to be your doula in the future. The power that a woman displays during birth is truly incredible, our bodies can do such amazing things and with the right tools and the right help it just adds to the overall experience. Since then I have also been there for the birth of my second grand baby Weston in 2013 and I look forward to helping and being present for many births to come.