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Shauntahl Belgrave-Albrektsen

Shauntahl Belgrave-Albrektsen

Company: The Mindfulness Doula

Job Title: Birthing Doula

Phone Number: 647-296-8303

Age: 38

Shauntahl naturally gifted care giver has been taking care of others since childhood. In 2003 she was first introduced to Reiki after accidentally picking up a book that described symptoms of a healer. She quickly learned all the levels of Reiki becoming a Master in 2005. After moving to Japan in 2009 with her new little family she starting practising Reiki on a regular basis which heightened her sensitivities to energy. Under the tutelage of her teacher she learned many other energy healing modalities some under the Reiki line and others of Shamanic origins. Upon returning to Canada Shauntahl’s journey to becoming a birthing doula naturally unfolded as she and her husband began their journey to conceiving their second child. The privilege of being able to support new and experienced mothers give birth opened her eyes up to knowing the power that lays within all women.  After the birth of her second child she soon met a Theta Healer who then introduced her to one of her current teachers to become a Theta Healing Practitioner. All of what Shauntahl has learned has come together in sweet sychronicity to give her her life’s purpose by giving her the tools that helps support others in their own life transitions.  Shauntahl, The Mindfulness Doula, brings all that she's learned and all that has transformed her to her aid her clients in their own growth and remembering.