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Nadine Ross

Company: Beautiful Beginnings

Job Title: Birth Doula & Placenta Specialist

Phone Number: 9059256224

Age: 39


My name is Nadine Ross and I'm the proud mother of 4 beautiful daughters. They have taught me so much from the moment they were conceived, and continue to this day to give me the strength to follow my dreams of generating positive change for their futures. These young girls and future mothers, inspire me every day to educate women about their choices when it comes to their births. I have been in love with the raw beauty and the amazing process of pregnancy and birth ever since I was a young girl. My mother started educating me at a young age about the natural physiology of birth, and thus I have always viewed it as a natural occurring event. Once I was able to have children of my own, I quickly realized that even with my upbringing and the knowledge my mother had given me, I still knew so little about modern birth, my rights as the birthing parent and standards of practice. I observed firsthand how easily we can surrender our journeys to others. This beautiful rite of passage, albeit a deep impacting one, is often times misunderstood and controlled, when it should be respected and guarded. I truly believe all women can have the births they long for when given the right resources, support and information. So now as birth Doula and Placenta Arts Specialist, I strive to provide informed choices to all my clients and help them begin their journey as parents without regrets and with confidence. I educate, support, and help women connect with their instincts, their bodies and their babies. Being able to support families during such a special time in their lives is both a passion and an honour. Nadine Ross