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Dvora Rotenberg

Dvora Rotenberg

Company: Dvora Birth Doula Services

Phone Number: 613.909.8946

Age: 56


I am passionate about babies and I have insomnia. A perfect combination for a Doula. I am a mother of five children, some natural birth, some with intervention- I support both. I nursed some babies and I bottle fed others I support your decision.. I also have 8 grandchildren and was the Doula and postpartum doula for all three of my daughter's babies. I am currently working on my certification through Doula Training Canada, however my experience is most important. I have been in the medical field all my life, either medical proper or dental. I am also a certified Holistic practitioner and Reiki master. I have great bedside manner and have absolute convenience that whatever your situation, I can be there for you and be your strength. I have assisted in a number of births with happy moms and babies. References available. I serve all of Ottawa and anywhere bordering Ottawa up to an hour away. I am also available throughout Christmas and New Years.