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Deb Harley

Deb Harley

Company: Deb The Doula

Job Title: Postpartum Doula and Owner

Phone Number: 613 322 7798

Age: 57


Deb is passionate about babies and has decades of experience supporting mothers of newborn babies. Deb started her childcare career as a nursery nurse in England and now supports Moms in Ottawa, Kanata and Stittsville. She completed both Birth and postpartum Doula training with DONA international in in 2018. Newly trained in the latest evidence based techniques comlimenting her NNEB nursery nursing certificate, a two year course with extensive coverage of childcare best practices from newborn to 5 years. After training Debbie worked for 12 years as a nanny, in both the UK and US, looking after client's new born babies. While Deb provides postpartum Doula services to all mother’s of newborn children, including twins and multiples, she specializes in supporting mothers of children with Down syndrome (trisomy 21).