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Laura Pascoe

Laura Pascoe

Company: With You Birth Services

Job Title: Birth Doula & Sexual and Reproductive Health Consultant

Phone Number: 6135724166

Age: 34


As a certified birth doula, Laura Pascoe works to ensure you are cared for, respected, and heard on your pregnancy, labour, and birth journey. Laura has worked to advance women's health and sexual and reproductive health and rights for over a decade now and she is passionate about providing high quality care. In addition to a broad and diverse spectrum of knowledge around comfort measures/pain management for labour and childbirth, Laura has training/expertise in massage, counseling, using a Rebozo, Spinning Babies, pelvic floor health, and more! Through Laura's experiences supporting people in labour and birth, and also personally experiencing the invaluable support of a doula, Laura knows the difference such support and expertise can bring, regardless of the outcome of the birth. Contact Laura today for a free consultation!