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Amber Domander

Amber Domander

Company: Legendary Doula Care

Job Title: Professional Postpartum Doula

Phone Number: 416-949-8357

Age: 35


Before I delivered my first baby, many parents would tell me “Newborns are easy, they sleep forever, don’t need toys and if you breastfeed, you won’t even need to wash bottles”. Coupled with a childbirth class, a newborn care class and a breastfeeding class… I felt confident! ​ What I came to learn is that much of my baby’s sleep depended on being held, and that breastfeeding isn’t always straightforward. It’s especially hard to apply what has been learned when you’re sleep deprived and baby won’t stop crying, it’s easy to start to feel like a failure. ​ So, let’s get real. Newborns are hard, especially if it’s your first. Your routines get shaken up in unexpected ways and like many new parents I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was. Well-meaning friends and family came to “help” (with good intentions), but would instead stay too long and overstimulate my new baby. I’ve been there, those experiences are still fresh as a daisy in my mind. ​ Amber Domander, Legendary Doula Care In situations like these, it can be hard to trust our intuition over the voices of those we might normally trust. Many parents have good instincts, and with the right kind of professional & experienced guidance, you too can be given the space to recognize that you’ve got this! I am here to help you find your confidence and to know what is right for your baby. I will give you the tools & help you discover local resources to make things easier. I will be your trusted confidant, help you process your new reality and make it easier to lift the mental load that you are (or will soon be) carrying. I can help you find your calm. ​ Let me show you what the power of experienced & dedicated help can do for you.