What is the AOD Membership Advantage?




  • A network of doula peers across the province and informative meetings with doulas in your area
  • A listing in the Association of Ontario Doulas  Directory and Association of Ontario Doulas Referral Program
  • Access to continuing education opportunities, Association of Ontario Doulas newsletters and updates
  • Participation in the Association of Ontario Doulas Annual General Meeting, which often includes valuable workshop sessions
  • $1 million each of commercial general and professional liability insurance, with options to purchase up to $5 million in coverage
  • Packages start at $70*!





1) Must be in person trainings.  Online, web based learning will not be accepted

2) Be a minimum of 16 hours seated learning time in length

3) Have the following topics ( Minimum - additional topics maybe included provided they fall within the scope of practice of the AOD
- Doula SOP that is limited to non-medical practices and support - i.e. no medical proceedures such as learning to preform vaginal exams, blood pressure assessment and   monitoring or interpreting fetal heart tones
- A Doula Code of Ethics
- A Social Media Code
- History of Doulas
- The Role of a Labour or Postpartum Doula
- Interprofessional relations and the doula role in building bridges with all health care providers
- Communication
- Prenatal support and the doulas role
- Comfort measures in labour with hands on learning
- Emotional support during labour
- Supporting second stage
- Challenges and special circumstances in pregnancy, birth and postpartum and the doulas role in supporting them
- Support Cesarean Sections and VBACS
- Pain management theory.  Medicalized options and the doulas role
- Intial breastfeeding support
- Postpartum recovery for the new mum and infant
- Minimum doula business support and getting started

4) Have a required reading list with a minimum of one book from each of the following categories
- Birth and pregnancy
- Doulas
- Breastfeeding
- Special circumstances - ie grief and loss, ppmd, vbacs

5) A required certification program that includes but is not limited to:
- Attendance/audit of a childbirth education class - minimum 7 hours w/ proof of attendance taught by a nurse, certified childbirth educator or certified doula
- Attendance /audit of a breastfeeding class - minimum two hours with proof of attendance taught by an IBCLC, CLC, CLE
- Experiential work requirement with a minimum of three births with evaluations or equivalent by client and HCP
- Evaluation of knowledge via an exam, essay or equivalent